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Professional manufacturer of air fryer/soup maker_HomeTech Electrical
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Hot Products

  • Hometech Air Fryer:Great for small or big foods 1、Great for Air Frying & Stir frying, Roasting,baking, BBQ!
    2、French Chips: 15-18 mins!
    3、Whole Chicken : 15-18 mins!
    4、Seafood (Especially Fish): 10 mins!
    5、We can see through the whole cooking!
    6、With Food rotation system, No Need to shake the food in the mid-cooking!
    7、Hometech Patented in Euro & China, patent free!
    Hometech Air Fryer:Great for small or big foods Philips Air fryer :great for small foods 1、Great for Air frying ONLY!
    2、20-25 mins!
    3、Small capacity: Can not roast a whole chicken!
    4、Not suitable for seafood due to small capacity!
    5、Can Not see the whole cooking!
    6、Need to shake the food during the middle of cooking to make sure even-cooking!
    7、Philips patented!
    Philips Air fryer :great for small foods MORE
  • HomeTech 1.HomeTech: Friendly one-touch programmable settings, home-made soups or cool drinks!!
    2、HomeTech:3 different working methods: Heating, blending , heating & blending Automatically!
    3、HomeTech: patent meganetic safety switch on the jug cover, units to be switched off while open jug!
    4、HomeTech: Competitive price!
    HomeTech Cuisinart 1、Cuisinart: Have to hand-made BLEND after long time heating!
    2、Cusinart: Only Blending, Heating ( Seperately control by HAND!)!
    3、Cuisinart: The unit is still working even if we open the jug cover, VERY dangerous!
    4、Cuisinart: Very expensive!
    Cuisinart MORE
  • Infrared airwave oven (1200-1400W) 1.Easier: With a transparent & Removable glass bowl, Easier to clean;Just Set the timer&Thermostat,Makes it Easier to operate!
    2.Faster:The hot moving air circulates from the top to the bottom, makes the cooking faster, it roasts a whole chicken in 30 mins!
    3.Healthier:Smokeless; Non-radiative;Hot moving air makes the fat and oil free!
    4.Even cooking : the tornado-like hot air circulates around the food, it makes the cooking EVENLY!
    5.Perfect Cooking: Foods sear quickly on outside ,Sealing juices in the inside, it makes the food juicy and tender!
    Infrared airwave oven (1200-1400W) 19L Electric Oven(1400W) 1、Fixed metal or stainless steel housing:Makes the cleaning much difficult!
    2、It roasts a whole chicken at least 1 hour!
    3、Cooks with soot!
    4、The oven turns the food,so the cooking could not so Evenly!
    5、The food will be cooked dry and hard!
    19L Electric Oven(1400W) MORE
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                                          Hometech China

    HomeTech is a professional manufacturer of Halogen oven,Air Fryer, Soup maker, Multi cooker,etc. 

    We,established on 2009, are located in ShunDe, covering 15000 square meters, with 150 workers,have a team of 10-years experience Engineers and a strong QC team.

    As a regular supplier of Aldi, Walmart,and SOGO,HomeTech is BSCI,ISO9001 and UL certified. 

    Our air fryer,soup maker and halogen oven are ETL,GS,CE,KC,PSE,CB,SAA, SASO,ROHS,LFGB,DGCCRF,ERP, CCC approved.  

    If you met high price or bad quality or service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We would like to share our perfect products with all over world, to win-win with you, making our cooking EASIER, FASTER & HEALTHIER!

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    HC international Show center 2016-05-04 We have our own long-term showroom in HC international Show Center.Our booth is 3F-B3031. We show most of our latest samples there.We sincerely invite you to visit our booth.
    • How to fry with rotary air fryer HomeTech air fryer is a latest air fryer, with rotating cage for fat and oil free frying and roasting! The foods will be automatically rotated for even cooking !
    • How to roast with HomeTech air fryer? HomeTech air fryer is Rotary air fryer, equipped with an automatic food rotation system. The cooked foods will be rotated 360 degree for 3D heating effect!
    • What can be cooked in air fryer? HomeTech spaceship air fryer is a multi fryer, not only great for oiless frying small foods, But also great for roasting big foods, baking,Grilling,BBQ,etc.
    • what can be cooked in Halogen oven? You can cook almost any food in your halogen oven. It is a multi-functional cooker, superior to standard oven close to microwave speed.
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