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      BPA free materials for Soup maker

      Time: 2014-09-16 21:28:13     

      PC contains BPA,which is easy to be released after long cooking. The BPA was said to be linked with cancer. BPA is used in hundreds of everyday products, especially for home appliances, such as soup maker, baby bottle, bottle warmer,etc.

      More and more countries start to prohibit the importation of cooking appliances which contains BPA, including Canada, USA,Japan and Korea. As a leader of soup maker, HomeTech developed 3 materials to replace PC, including 304# Stainless steel, PCTG plastic, and Borosilicate glass. To promote the progress of soup maker industry, HomeTech would like to share the R&D with competitors.

      The stainless steel jug is not so popular because of its invisibility . The PCTG is not good enough because of its heat-resistance, MAXIMUM of 109 celsuis. The borosilicate is the BEST replacement material. 

      At present, Only HomeTech and Cuisinart are using Borosilicate glass jug for the soup makers.

      Philips and Morphy richards are using 304# stainless steel jug for their soup makers. 

      HomeTech is a leading manufacturer, who is using the PCTG jug for soup maker, as well as Germanpool.

      Some other Chinese factories are still using PC jug.

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