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      HomeTech brand air fryer and halogen oven in more than 16 countries

      Time: 2014-09-17 17:29:32     

      Made-in-china products have been becoming more and more popular all over the world. However, the chinese factories are still under the low-stage, most of them are still under OEM for worldwide brands, even if the big enterprises like Midea and Galanz. Chinese government encourge the firms to export via their own brand. they offer some financial and policy supports . It seems the branding effect is not obvious.

      Fortunately, HomeTech brand our own air fryers,halogen ovens and Soup maker to more than 16 countries,including Holland, Singapore,Malaysia, Australia, Portugal, Vietnam,etc. the Hometech brand buyers are increasing year by year,because of its trendy design and high quality. since Hometech was registered in Europe, it has been becoming more and more international.



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