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      Time: 2014-10-07 23:55:15     


          Compared to household roaster/oven,the commercial roaster has a very big capacity to meet big family or group usage. what's more, it has a more often using,especially continuous usage in a day. the hard working conditions require higher standard components and longer working-life testing.

          HomeTech invest about 1 million dollars to develop the commercial roasters/ovens since August,2013. the commercial roasters range from 30L,32L,40L,45L,60L,65L,100L and 120L, with aluminum pot or stainless steel pot. Besides this, we have traditional stainless steel heating element, but also Halogen heating element, and infrared carbon heating element. this leads to a better roasting result of crispy outside and succulent inside. More and more chain restaurants ,canteen and schools to use our commercial roasters.

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