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      Soup maker is a perfect combination of heating and blending system, not only great for hot chunky or creamy soups, but also great for cool drinks, sauces,etc.
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      1).Unique design: PCB is equipped on the side-handle for longer life,
      Avoid the PCB cooking with the soup in the top,NOT hot and moist !
      2).Over-flow sensor on the lid.
      3) Patent program and heating element for NO BURTN issue!
      4). Custmoerized Logo can be embodied on the SS panel !
      5). Easy digital operation: Soup chunky,Soup smooth,Blend,Steam/Boil
      6). Easy cleaning- glass jar is easy to clean.
      7). Capacity- 1600ml borosilicate glass jug
      8). Power: 110-130V;220V-240V, 50/60Hz, 800 W
      9). Anti-dry devices-Built-in anti-dry settings,avoid any damage
      10). Water-proof power inlet setting.
      11) J type Brush for easy cleaning the jug!

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      Recommend products
      • Nuwave air fryer
      • HS-01
      • HS-02
      • HS-03
      • HS-05G
      • Latest air fryer
      • HS-08
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